What we do ?

We create custom mobile and web applications based on your unique business needs. Your customers expect to interact with you online. We partner with you to build custom web and mobile apps that create new digital capabilities to meet your customers' expectations.

Mobile games


Turn based strategy game. Command your hex units in battles on 20 single player levels in campaign mode and 5 different multiplayer maps.

Dragon collector RPG

Turn based tactical rpg game. Explore map, kill monsters, collect random items and potions, build up your experience and level, upgrade and equip your units, create your battle party and battle in dungeons. Game has turn-based battle system with 50 different monsters and 9 player units.

Toma racer

Simple top-down 2D racing game. Move your car by touching screen. Avoid another cars and collect bonuses on road. With each level you will go faster. How fast can you go ?

Mobile apps

Toma monitor

Mobile app for website monitoring. It uses multiple server locations to check your website availability and SSL status. Create monitor service for each website you want to check. Receive email and mobile notifications if website becomes unavailable or SSL certificate expires.

Toma dashboard

Toma dashboard is mobile app that turns your JSON data into dashboard. App will issue HTTP GET request to defined API endpoint address and create dashboard tiles from your JSON data repsonse.

Loyalty card - Manuela

Loyalty card mobile app for beauty salon "Studio ljepote Manuela".

Web apps

Dental orders

Web app for order management in dental laboratories. Detailed production planning with production scheduling and calendar overview.

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Loyalty card

Complete solution for loyalty card programs. Web app for management and mobile apps for clients.

Order management

Web app for order management in factory production of doors. Production planning with calendar overview, exporting orders to pdf, alerting, statistics, priorities and much more. Built from customer specifications.